Dothan, Alabama

Benefit from the Power of Advertising with Scenic Cable Network and Productions !

  • With Scenic Cable, you can market your business using the indisputable power of cable television advertising!

  • With access to better demographics and better targeting on a wide array of programming, you can customize your marketing message to reach only your potential customers!

  • This gives you a direct ticket into the living rooms of your customers!

Better Demographics

  •  Cable subscribers are consistently more upscale than non-cable homes, with higher household incomes and spending power,  making them better targets for your products and services.

  •   Homes that subscribe to TV now represent more than 75 percent of all American household income!

  •  Plus, Cable subscribers watch more television: approximately 60 hours per week, vs. about 42 hours for non-subscribers.

Better Targeting

  •  Cable delivers a broad reach across a wide range of demographic categories, allowing you to target your customers more precisely.

  •  Cable allows you to insert your message into specific programs that match the lifestyle and interests of your target audience.

  •  With cable, you can direct all of your advertising impact into a selected geographical area, which makes your advertising dollars more cost effective.

Better Programming

  • From high profile sports like Monday Night Football on ESPN, NBA on TNT, to news networks like CNN & Fox News, music programming such as MTV & CMT and home improvement programming like TLC and Discovery - you can target your message to deliver your customers to your door!

  • Let Scenic Cable put to work the research and know-how to directly target your customers on the programs they watch, when they're watching, precisely in the areas you're doing business!

Dothan, Alabama

Scenic Cable Network & Productions

Scenic Cable Network & Productions